Mistake 3: Improper Retention of Verification Results

The #3 common mistake…Improper Retention of Verification Results

DO-254 has several objectives related to verification, which can be accomplished through reviews, analysis or test. The results of these activities must be retained. A common mistake in the DO-254 process centers on retention (or lack thereof) of verification records associated with reviews and analysis as well as retention of test results. This, in addition to review of the final verification results (tests and analysis) is an area that applicants commonly miss or do not give proper emphasis.

Verification records should contain a clear correlation to the pass/fail criteria, which could be a development standard or a test result. These verification records should contain the author/reviewer, date, and any items used in the including their versions. Any failures or issues found should be correlated to the standard that has been violated. Test results should be clearly linked to their associated tests and requirements, and should be reviewed and summarized in the verification results documents. Test Results should be reviewed to be sure that the actual and expect results are giving the correct results and that the tests are passing. Review results, which must also be retained, are important because they show compliance to standards during development (and for DAL A and B projects the review participant’s names provide evidence of independence).

If you need help understanding how to manage the verification environment and artifacts in your DO-254 program, this is covered in the Patmos Engineering Services “DO-254 Airborne Electronic Hardware Certification” training.

Tammy Reeve | DER Exoert

Tammy Reeve has been involved in the certification of hardware (DO-254), software (DO-178C), and systems (ARP 4754A and related) for nearly 20 years.

Tammy Reeve
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