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Patmos provides consulting services for FAA/EASA certification and digital design for commercial and aviation related digital systems. The staff at Patmos have more than a  combined 50+ yearsô experience in digital hardware/software  design and avionics certification as well as design and verification experience in the medical IEC standards and automotive standards  ISO26262. Patmos was founded in 2000, with the mission to provide integrity and honesty in consulting practices and activities. Learn More

A key specialty of Patmos is avionics development compliance, specifically developing electronics, software and systems to comply with medical IEC, automotive ISO26262, RTCA DO-254, DO-178C and SAE ARP 4754A. Patmos can guide you through the maze of regulatory guidance (FAA, EASA, etc.) to obtain a product or process that is compliant with these certifying bodiesô requirements. Patmos Level A authorized hardware and software FAA DER Tammy Reeve will work as a consultant to your company to determine how to optimize your approach for meeting the appropriate industry standards. Learn More


Training is the first step in coming up to speed on DO-254, DO-178C, and ARP 4754A. Patmos is one of the pre-eminent training companies in the world, offering high quality materials in a variety of convenient formats. Learn More


If you need assistance with your actual design work ì in aerospace or any other industry ì Patmos can help you with this as well. From the simplest PLDs, to complex boards, and everything in between, Jeff Reeve has the vast experience you seek in a knowledgeable hardware designer. Learn More

Patmos is located in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. Contact Patmos.

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