DO-254 User Group

DO-254 User Group logoThe DO-254 User Group is a group of industry professionals that have come together to discuss and assist each other in areas of compliance for DO-254. Members include:

  • Aerospace OEMs
  • Avionics Subcontractors
  • Certification Experts and Trainers
  • Tool vendors
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Independent consultants

There are two chapters of the DO-254 User Group: US and EU. The chair of the US DO-254 User Group is Tammy Reeve, President of Patmos Engineering Services. The chair of the EU DO-254 User Group is Jean Francois Bacardatz of AsSystem. The groups consist of DO-254 professionals from many aspects of the industry including engineers, managers, trainers, consultants, DERs/certification specialists, tool vendors and more. These multiple perspectives provide the best insight into how to address some of the more challenging areas of DO-254.

The group has produced numerous internal and external documents that discuss and provide recommendations for various facets of compliance, including determining what is simple vs. complex (from a practical perspective), DO-254 coding standards, verification, classifying and handling COTS components, how to address the issues of COTS IP cores, physical testing vs. simulation, and more. These papers are all available to DO-254 User Group members. Some papers have been shared with the certification authorities (FAA and EASA), for purposes of assisting these authorities in understanding some complexities of these areas of DO-254 compliance.

Click here for more information on the DO-254 User Group. If you are interested in joining the US chapter, contact Tammy Reeve: